battery hand PET/PP Strapping tool CYC5000

Model: CYC5000


Strap width:12-19mm

Strap thickness:0.5-1.0mm

Joint type:Friction-weld/sealless

Battery:BOSCH 18V/4.0Ah ,2PCS

Battery life:Up to approx 3000 times


Automatic mode

In Automatic mode all the operator needs to do is to press the tension button for a short time, and the strap will be automatically tightened. When the set tension value is reached, the strap will be welded and cut automatically.

Semi-automatic mode

In the Semi-automatic mode, it is necessary to press and hold the tension button all the time. When the set tension value is reached, the machine will start automatic welding and cutting (if the take-up button is released during tightening, the tension wheel will stop rotating. Operator can press the welding button at this time, and the baler will weld and cut the strap.)

Manual mode

When manual mode is used, the tension button shall be pressed all the time. When the desired tension is reached the fusion button must be pressed so the welding begins. When welding is done, the strap must be cut manually.



  • Brick & Block packing
  • Cotton baler
  • Box,Pallet strapping
  • Second Clothing baling


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