orgapack portable battery powered PP PET Strapping tool OR-T 250

Model: OR-T 250


Strap width:13-16mm

Strap thickness:0.5-1.0mm

Joint type:Friction-weld/sealless

Battery:BOSCH 14.4V/2.6Ah ,1PCS

Battery life:Up to approx 3000 times


This portable battery powered PP PET strapping tool is the most user frindly strapping tool in Market,which is made in Shanghai China with good quality and competive price.It's similar with ORT200,ORT250,ORT400.


  • portable Battery powered strapping tool can tension, seal and cut with one tool.
  • Recommended for coils, pipes, rods and irregular-shaped packages.
  • Using a 14.4 voltBosch battery, the OR-T 250 can complete up to 400 packages per charge.
  • 3 seconds each strap
steel strapping tool A333


All portable battery powered strapping tools and strapping machines are inspected by high-precision machines and testing machines to ensure the product quality.

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