Manual Steel Strapping tensioner and sealer MS-19

manual steel sealer 19mm

Model: MS-19

Strap material:Steel

Strap width:13-19mm

Strap thickness:0.38-0.8mm

Joint force:80%


Brand: AllPKG


This manual steel strapping tensioner and sealer MS-19 is made in China,with good quality and competitive price. we have been selling it all over the world for years and got good reputation.


  • Tension, seal and cut with double notch sealer.
  • Permits a very easy and efficient operation
  • It is handy light weight combination strapping tool to strap flat packages (i.e. pipes,tubes, pallets, bales, crates, cases, various packages)
manual steel tensioner 19mm


All manual steel strapping tools and strapping machines are inspected by high-precision machines and testing machines to ensure the product quality.


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