hand-held penumatic strapping machine XQD-32

Model: XQD-32

Strap:Steel strap

Strap width:25/32mm

Strap thickness:0.5-1.2

Joint type:friction weld,sealless

Air pressure:0.4-0.6Mpa



The XQD25/32 is a hand-held pneumatic combination steel strapping tool for PP PET Strap. Due to its low weight in comparison to other pneumatic push style combination tools, the XQD25/32 does not necessarily have to be suspended. This permits more mobile operation. Ideal for strapping tubes, wire coils and all kinds of small bundles, the XQD25/32 is a handy and popular tool in numerous industries. This tool uses friction weld sealing technology.


  • air operate strapping tool can tension, seal and cut with one tool.
  • light weight
  • Recommended for coils, pipes, rods and irregular-shaped packages.
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All hand-held pneumatic PET strapping tools and strapping machines are inspected by high-precision machines and testing machines to ensure the product quality.


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